A* Map reflections

Though the map is pretty functional, it is severely lacking in data. Our initial plan was to map out all of floors of COM1 and COM2, but creating the floor plan was rather tedious and due to some miscommunication on the final map design, we ended up with just the ground floor for both buildings. Sadly, most of the classrooms are on the B1/2nd floor of COM1…

I think most of our group feel that this app will be rather useful to have during our daily commute in SoC, so we will probably work on the unfinished stuff when we are free (which probably means after this sem…).

On hindsight, Ionic was pretty quick and easy to set up with its inbuilt navigation tabs, side menus and popups, but it felt pretty inflexible. There are certain issues such as being unable to close a popup by tapping outside it.

I had particular trouble with designing other parts of the app such as the map icons and floor plan overlays too, as it was my first experience with such a task. Design inspiration for the map icons was stolen from a certain Pokemon Go map app that a friend showed me (somehow I only started playing one month after the release). Another friend recommended Adobe Illustrator to me, which proved to be pretty good advice as it was actually manageable for someone with zero experience with design softwares. The layering thingy was immensely helpful while I was trying to trace a floor plan with the correct dimensions to fit on Google maps.

We had other unimplemented ideas too, such as displaying the timetable for each classroom/lab (NUSMods has this too, but I think it is more convenient on a map) so that you could search for a free nearby classroom easily. Hopefully we will be motivated enough to finish it during the hols. 🙂


One thought on “A* Map reflections

  1. Definitely venues will be more convenient to display on a map, but we don’t have all the coordinates for the locations XD. We can talk more about this after the semester (:


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